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Helping middle school and high school youth learn to navigate the journey of faith through weekly gatherings, fun events and small groups.

Our youth groups begin September 13 and meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm. An optional meal is served at 6pm.

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6th - 8th Grade students

Jesus said, "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me."  (Mt. 16:24) 

Cross Training is designed to help middle school students (6th-8th grade) navigate the journey of childhood into adulthood and inspire them to develop a faith of their own.  Students have fun each week and spend time discovering what God has to say about their life, relationships, and the future.

Cross Training is at 6:30pm every Wednesday beginning September 13.

We offer an optional supper at 6 pm.

Non-members welcome

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9th - 12th Grade students

At St. John's we want every person to trust in Jesus in a way that transforms how they love God, themselves and the world around them.  We especially want to connect with our high school youth to guide them in making wiser decisions, building stronger relationships, and developing a deeper faith.
That's what LIVE is all about.
LIVE is at 6:30pm every Wednesday beginning September 13. 
Optional supper at 6pm.
Non-Members welcome

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Each summer, high school youth and adults work with Group WorkCamps to repair and transform homes while growing closer to Jesus. At Workcamps, teenagers come together to serve individuals and communities while building strong, long-lasting relationships with their friends and youth leaders.

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Where Faith is Nurtured Through Holy Play

St. John's  offers numerous camp programs through the year. Information is shared as camp programs arise. There are camp programs for all ages!

The camps we can attend offer a Christ-centered camping experience for people of all ages. Staff is trained to help campers understand God’s message of love and grace and to provide positive Christian role models.

All children and youth are encouraged to participate camp programs. Scholarships are provided.

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